Rising Strong

In her book Rising Strong, Brene Brown uses a powerful phrase that resonates as much for me as advice from the Gap and the Gain. Brown, a shame researcher, talks about falling down and finding the courage to reset ourselves so we can get back up again. Anytime we feel exceedingly vulnerable when asking for […]

Good Questions

This week provided me with an overwhelming range of blog topics. Smoky Seattle skies, even as we’re nearing November. Our company’s upcoming launch of a reimagined website. A return to training in-person clients. And discovering that dropping our daughter off at college the fourth time hurt more than the first. Wanting to keep a positive […]

Zoo Volunteering

After our family dog Emily died on June 28, 2012, I drifted into a grief cloud for months. But two positives emerged from that period: I started attending the annual Write on the Sound conference in Edmonds, and I became a volunteer at Woodland Park Zoo. Both experiences have enriched my life in more ways […]

Reduce Complaints

Recently, my husband and I were discussing how ubiquitous complaining has become. It dawned on me how often I grouse in my journal. Frequently unconsciously. My husband whipped out one of his gems. “The quality of the language we use dictates the quality of the communication we have with ourselves and others.” I vowed to […]

Accountability Partner

A great way to stay on track with your fitness goals during the off-season is to enlist help from accountability partners. Such people can provide much-needed support, encouragement, and motivation when you’re feeling stuck or unsure how to move forward. While a workout partner might meet you at the gym or trailhead to exercise with […]