Sleep Schedule

“You’ll feel much better after you get a good night’s sleep.” That’s what you tell your best friend after she shares news about her recent breakup. (Right after you say: “You’re better off without him.”) But it’s also true. Benefits of Restorative Sleep That’s because the restorative benefit of a good night’s sleep does indeed […]

Racing Mind

Does your brain love to dwell on worries just as you’re falling asleep? Or maybe when you wake up from a dream in the middle of the night? Instead of enjoying restful sleep, we sometimes start processing our anxieties—but without actually solving or dealing with them productively. Below are five suggestions to try the next […]

Sleep Tips

When it comes to health, exercise and nutrition tend to get the bulk of the attention. But getting adequate sleep may be the key to improving your outdoor performance, increasing brain and body function, and perhaps even losing unwanted weight as we enter the season of holiday parties and shorter daylight. In 2017, the Nobel […]