Kitchen Makeover

You’ve found your Traffic Lights list of “green, yellow, and red-light” foods. Now, it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover. That includes getting rid of the four containers of mint chocolate chip ice cream you conveniently “forgot” you had. The caramel popcorn you got for your daughter’s sleepover — that never got eaten. The […]

Traffic Light Foods

Imagine walking into the supermarket. You’ve had a hard day, you’re borderline hangry, and you just want to grab something and go eat it. At a time like this, it’s hard to make healthy choices. But if you know what’s on your personal “traffic list,” it gets a whole lot easier. Traffic Light Eating The […]

How to Eat

While many of my clients have specific outdoor goals they are pursuing, most eventually ask me specific nutrition questions such as, “What should I eat?” or “Can you design a diet plan for me?” The answers are as diverse as the people asking them. My first suggestion is to focus on your foundational eating habits. […]

Nutrition Priorities

Diets are as individualized as our fingerprints. Stores offer hundreds, if not thousands, of diet books. You may have even tried dozens of strategies yourself. By adhering to the following six tried-and-true principles you can make long-term progress with your health. Eat Whole Foods Instead of Processed As food processing increases, nutrient density decreases. Typically, […]