Positive Selftalk

Are you constantly thinking, “I should be doing X” or “Why can’t I ever do Y?” If so, you are not alone. And there is hope! The way to make progress lies in focusing carefully, using positive self-talk, and resetting your expectations. Focus Carefully For anyone who is constantly fixated on that little number on […]

Beginner Mindset

Earlier this summer, my husband, teenage daughter, and I went on three different outings: disc golf, pickleball, and birding. All three are mild physical activities, done outside, and require different skill sets. They also provided me with a wonderful insight into how important it is to maintain a beginner’s mindset for optimal fun. Disc Golf […]

Joy Treasure Hunt

When I broke my wrist on February 22, 2022, I found it difficult to feel joy. At times I struggled to do everything left-handed and manage the pain. But once I got over the initial discomfort and overwhelm, I began hunting for what makes me feel light and content. As a family, we listened to […]

Active Recovery

You may have just crossed the finish line for your marathon, triathlon, or another long-distance event for which you’ve been training long and hard. You may be feeling pretty good after your event, or perhaps you feel physically beaten up. What is the best way to begin recovering? Let’s take a look at “active recovery” […]