Back to Back Training

One of the elements we address throughout our book, The Outdoor Athlete (Human Kinetics: 2009) is the importance of including Back-to-Backs in programs designed for any multi-day adventure. Here we explore the basics of who, what, when, where, why, and how to do them for your sport. Who? Anyone who will be participating in multi-day […]

Increase Hiking Speed

Hiking Speed

Whether you are a dedicated backpacker, an aspiring trekker, or a weekend day hiker, you probably have noticed a difference in people’s travel speed over varying terrain. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: How do I get faster? Set Appropriate Goals WHY do you want to increase your speed? See if […]

Flat Land Mountaineering Training

If, like so many aspiring mountaineers, you live in relatively flat terrain at great distances from any significant elevation gain (or cannot regularly get to the mountains for conditioners), but you still wish to get into mountaineering condition for a course, trek, or trip, how do you go about getting ready? Mountaineering Needs The first […]

Active Recovery

You may have just crossed the finish line for your marathon, triathlon, or another long-distance event for which you’ve been training long and hard. You may be feeling pretty good after your event, or perhaps you feel physically beaten up. What is the best way to begin recovering? Let’s take a look at “active recovery” […]