Hiking, Trekking and Backpacking Training and Conditioning

Hikers, trekkers, and backpackers all must cover great distances of non-technical terrain while carrying a pack. Carried gear for day hikes ranges from water and a snack (less than 10 pounds) for easy hikes (< 5 miles) to map, compass, change of clothes, headlamp, additional water and snacks, and other essentials (15-20 pounds) for more […]

Mountaineering and Scrambling Training & Conditioning

Mountaineering and Scrambling conditioning and training needs fills the gap between hiking, trekking, and backpacking on established trails and technical vertical climbing of rock or ice. We define Scrambling as nontechnical off-trail travel (i.e. without a harness, rope, or protection hardware), often on snow or rock, requiring the occasional use of hands. Scrambling can involve […]

Skiing, Snowboarding and Snowshoeing Training & Conditioning

Whether your snow sport of choice involves skis (downhill, telemark, cross-country or Randonee), snowshoes, a snowboard, a sled, or you simply prefer glissading on your butt, you will find conditioning tips that will help you prepare for a safe, healthy and fun season enjoying your favorite sport. Snowshoeing is a low-impact winter hiking activity that […]

Rock and Ice Climbing Training and Conditioning

Technical rock and ice climbers require good flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and core muscles in order to negotiate wide stems, twisting overhangs, and high mantels. Technical climbers should develop core, upper and lower body strength for vertical travel with and without a pack. Anaerobic conditioning also is an important component in the technical climber’s […]

Paddling Sports Training

Paddling sports allow athletes to explore areas of the world unreachable on foot, such as islands, bays, glacier terminuses, high-walled valleys, and beaches exposed only at low tides. Canoeists, kayakers and rafters have unique conditioning needs in that they require great core strength and upper-body endurance and lesser cardiovascular conditioning or leg strength compared to […]

Family Outdoors Activities

If you have young children at your house, you are well aware that everything changes once you decide to have a family of your own. We know; we have a daughter of our own! Since her arrival in 2004 we have been slowly adding resources to our site that might help others get ideas about […]